We have three styles of suite available.

Budget Condo

These three-level condominiums are perfect for a single cat for a short-term stay, or for those on a budget. Each has access to an under-cover outdoor play area.

Standard Suite

Our standard suites are large enough to accommodate two cats from the same family and are therefore plenty large enough for a single cat. Each has three levels, with a carpeted ramp (which doubles as a scratchpost) allowing for easy transition from the floor to the top shelf. Each has its own window with access during daylight hours to its own personal garden haven, complete with canopy, hammock and paving pad to soak up the sun.

Penthouse Suite

Large enough for two, three or even four cats, (or one very spoilt cat) our penthouse suites have four different levels for lounging around. These north-facing suites enjoy winter sun and have access to two garden haven areas. To make its occupants feel really at home, these suites also have TV and an easy chair for laid-back comfort.

Outdoor havens

All our east-facing suites have access to secure havens fabricated by us under the brand name of The Burmeze Triangle. These havens have a paved base which warms nicely in the morning sun, two shelves and a specially designed hammock which cats just love to laze around in. Each has its own canopy and is attached to the cat's indoor pen via an enclosed cat walk. These havens provide the perfect vantage point for checking out the local birdlife while allowing for plenty of fresh air.

Our west-facing suites have undercover, wired runs measuring 1 metre by 2.4 metres, with direct window access from inside.