About us

Having decided to build and run our own boarding cattery, the best part of two years was spent searching for the right location, researching what cat owners expected from a cattery and building our dream.

A comfortable environment was the most important factor in the design of Katz Wizkerz - we wanted to make our guests felt like they were at home.
Many of our human customers have commented that it's so comfortable - they want to stay too!

Our beautiful location in the Gippsland Lakes township of Eagle Point means your cat is assured of a great holiday destination where it can enjoy the scenery and the local birdlife. With lorikeets, rosellas, galahs, white cockatoos, the occasional gang gang and blue wren, pelicans and ibis, along with wedge-tailed and sea eagles, after which the locality is named, there's no shortage of entertaining fly-bys.

Our fully-lined and insulated five-star rated building features comfortable vinyl flooring, plenty of windows, and up-to-date facilities.

Opened in December 2008, Katz Wizkerz provides first-class care for your cat whether it's for a weekend, a month or a year.

Fin and Steve Ross